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Modesto, CA 95355 US



  • "Dear Dr .Rosen,

    I want to thank you for your excellent care these past five years for me, my family and all the many patients I was privileged to refer to you.

    I am always so impressed by your unfailing positive outlook and genuine giving to all your patients. I know you are caring behind the scenes as well as in front.

    Everything about your office, your well-trained and talented staff, and your exceptional skill, is absolutely outstanding. You are the gold standard for excellence in the chiropractic field.

    It is a privilege and a pleasure to be your patient.

    With appreciation and deep respect.

    Thank you,"
    Rick C.
  • "Dr. Rosen,

    Thank you so much for coming into our facility last week and giving a great presentation on back safety. I believe your program gives employees valuable information on many different levels; common sense, technical and physiological. The common sense level is basically a repeat of what everyone has already heard, but many times forgets. The same information coming from you ( a doctor ) versus me ( a safety person ) carries more weight. The technical level answers the "what happens when…" questions. The physiological or anatomical level gives information on how a person's body works or is supposed to work. The three parts taken together make for an informative, thought provoking learning session.

    Just as last time, I have heard only positive comments regarding your safety meeting presentation. Another fine job! Thanks for your time and the great presentation.

    Best regards,"
    Kevin W. ISO and Reg. Coordinator
  • "Dear Dr. Rosen,

    I just want to take the opportunity to thank you for the excellent care you've given me over the last few years. I appreciate that when I come to your office I am greeted with a friendly "hello" by everyone on your staff. I also appreciate that it takes me longer to choose a magazine than it does to be called back to a room. I never hesitate to recommend you to anyone that even acts like they might have a back or neck problem.

    Thank you for treating me like a person and not a number. I look forward to continuing my care in your office.

    Joni F.